What’s in ‘Yo Fridge Linkup

Soo.. I saw this last week and thought it was a fun idea. Everyone is supposed to post a picture of their fridge and describe what’s in it. I am super later to the party, but don’t mind that. It’s been a hell of a week, but more on that later. Also don’t mind the fact that I am having issues with the button to link up…

But without further ado

What's in yo fridge?Sorry about the terrible quality cell phone picture. My camera charger apparently took a trip to the place lost socks go. But I did order a new one. I wish that with that being said I could promise no more terrible quality pictures, but that would be a lie. I bought a nice camera LAST SUMMER, and still haven’t taken the time to learn how to use it. Time to move learn how to use my “new” camera up a little higher on the to-do list.

Okay, enough rambling..


  • We always have lots of eggs, boiled and unboiled
  • Lettuce and other veggies for salads
  • Chicken, cooked for pre-made lunches and raw to use in dinner recipes
  • Cheese, I am cheese fiend. Terrible, I know.
  • Greek yogurt
  • Champagne left over from our engagement party
  • Every condiment known to mankind
  • Creamer- must have coffee EVERY morning
  • Milk- Soy for protein shakes, and 2% for T
  • Random assortment of leftovers…


  • GIANT tub of rainbow sherbert- I wanted sherbert last week, and apparently manufactures only sell it in 2 gallon tubs.. Anyone want sherbert? I am pretty sure that thing will be in our freezer for the next ten years.
  • The next shelf down is full of whiskey and no sugar added fruit pops. Quite the combo.. Guess which are mine and which are the guy’s?
  • The next two shelves are full of frozen entrees (for shame, I know), pot stickers, and frozen fruits.
  • The bottom 2 drawers are full of frozen veggies and meats. In the door are 2 different kinds of frozen appetizers, so I can pretend I am Suzy homemaker in case we have unexpected guests over. (Frozen appetizers are what happens when I work 60+ hour weeks. I actually wish I could prepare homemade appetizers for guests. You should see my pinterest boards, TOTAL proof right there I tell you.

Now it’s time to see if I can make the link up aspect of this work, wish me luck….

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